Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Candy Love: Episode2 「Kentin」

This episode... ASDFSADFJHLSDJHFAL!! WHAT THE FRUCK DID I DO TO AMBER?! THE !%$#!@%@!%@!! And then Nathaniel decides to be a !%$#!@%@!%@ too! WAH! 

The first time I talk to Ken, he goes 'Hi [Username]!' and I go 'Ken, have you seen those three girls who are always hanging out together?' The poor kid then goes 'Yeah, they took my money earlier on.' 


So, I answer with 'What do you mean they took your money?' (by the way, these are one option answers so I have to pick these.)

Kentin: Yeah, they pushed me on the ground and took my money saying they wanted to eat lunch at a restaurant instead of the cafeteria

You: Do you have any money left for me?
     : You can't let them do that to you! Be a man!
     : Did they take a lot? Tell me how much and I can reimburse you if you want.

Kentin: No, no, don't worry, but thanks for the offering, that's nice of you! Did they do something to you too?

You: Did they give you a photocopy?
     : Yeah, they made fun of me!
     : No, no, nothing happened...

Kentin: What did they do to you? If I wasn't so afraid of them, I'd defend you! (Oh, my bby!! So adorable~!)

You: Forget about it.
     : It's pointless for me to talk to you about it, you can't even defend yourself.
     : Ah, it's nothing, be careful though.

And then he closes the discussion by saying 'Yeah, you too!'

Then the principal comes over to me, saying I have to go and join a club. What if I dun wanna join a club?! Humph! I chose gardening by the way because Ken (I heard and was right in the end!) joins he same club! Then, I met up with Ken and asked him 'Ken, are you supposed to help out in a club too?'

Kentin: Yes! The principal asked me. I'm sure that you chose the gardening club, just like me, right?

You: Yes, you like plants too?
     : Uh... Unfortunately, yes I did.
     : Well, If I had known I would have chosen the basketball club.

Kentin: That's great, we can garden together then!

You: Yeah, I'm sure we're going to have fun.
     : I think I'm going to ask the principal if I can change...
     : But I'm not going to garden with you!

He then goes 'Excellent, I can't wait!' and the only answer you can say is 'Do you know what we're actually supposed to do at the gardening club? And where is it anyway?' 

He answers our question with 'I've got no idea... I'll go find out, okay?' At this point though, you have a choice in whether or not you can keep talking to Ken! And of course, I chose to leave since I have to go find out where the club is... Not that I wanted to leave but I don't think there was going to be a point in keeping the conversation going...

That's when I went into the building only to be harassed by Amber... SADFSDFASDGFHH!! But she didn't say much, just tried to degrade me by making fun of how I picked the gardening club (Mind your own damn business, you bioutch.)

Then, Iris leads me to the Garden where I bump into Kentin which totally makes up for bumping into Amber!

Kentin: [Username]! I was coming to find you but I see you've found the gardening club all on your own. It's nice, isn't it?

You: Oh you're here too, should we look for something to do?
     : Are you still following me or what?
     : (sigh)

Kentin then says 'Yeah, of course, but I have no idea...' and the only answer to that is 'Hmm...' Then you're given three options: 

A.) We should split up and try to manage each on his own
B.) I think you have to go and look for plants, in the forest
C.) We'll have a look around, okay? There might be something...

He then says 'Ok. Ah, I have an idea! I'll have a look around and see if I can find someone who knows!' In which I immediately think B-But! I-I said we! Th-That means we get to look together! But, apparently, that is not an option... So, you actually have to leave... Sigh...

(Ken is gone, I was going to go too but I see two plants with a note nearby. "Please put these plants in the classroom and student council room." There's a bouquet of mimosas and a small fig tree in a pot. Well ok, I guess I know what to do know... 

Obtained: bouquet of mimosas and a potted fig tree).

And so that is your mission! Which seems simple enough, right? But why can't me and Kentin do it together!! Boo! (I am a complete Kentin fangirl... GODDANGIT.)

So after you put the plants in their respective areas (spoiler alert: DO NOT PUT THE BOUQUET IN THE STUDENT COUNCIL ROOM), Kentin comes up and goes 'What are you doing?' in which you answer.

Kentin: Ah. that's really nice! I watered the plants in the school yard.

You: Do you need help?
     : I don't care what you do
     : Ok... Well, I haven't finished yet, I'm off!

Kentin: I've already finished, but thanks. I'm going to go check and make sure I didn't forget anything.

You: Ok.

And so, after that, there's the issue with Castiel and Nathaniel (who's names rhyme! Why don't they get along if their names rhyme?) So, I'll get more in depth with that later when I feel like it (meaning, when I get Castiel's Episode 2 post done.)

But the next time you see Kentin is when you bump into him (he asks you're doing anything or something like that and you're like 'Yeah, I do.' and then you explain the entire escapade with Castiel and Nathaniel. Then he asks you if you need help with it and you have to tell him 'No.' because you wouldn't want to take advantage of him, would you?) or when the episode is finally done and he comes up to you, asking if the both of you can walk home together

(We walked together while eating cookies.)

I'm sorry I didn't get into the whole Castiel and Nathaniel business... I kinda' got lazy and irritated because Nathaniel kept getting pissed (I have like, negative affection for him now...) and I kept on accidentally making Castiel like me more (I was worried that I was going to get his ending there for a second, actually!) It was too much! And they wasted like half of my AP too, having me running around and trying to find both of them and all...

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