Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Candy Love: Episode1 「Castiel」

He's not exactly my favourite but he's pretty hot... (internally screaming) Anyway! Castiel is here and this time, just to warn you, yes I named my Candy Annieliese! Who cares? Let's get started then! By the way, I can already tell that Castiel isn't someone you can easily get along with... Sigh...

Okay, it didn't take me long to find him because I immediately bumped into the hotheaded red-head outside of school! At the front, you know? He's frowning at me though and in my head, I'm thinking Well, we all know this one's going to be a huge-mongous asshole...

Castiel:... (disproving look)
You: Hello, I'm new. I was supposed to go look for the president? (clicked to\o fast! Didn't get exactly what it was....)
     : Hi, I'm new.
     : ...Hi?

Castiel: So what? (oh, isn't he so frucking nice?! *grumble*...)
You: Are you always this nice?
     : You seem very rude.

Castiel: Especially with new students. I'm Castiel.
You: I'm Annieliese, nice to meet you
     : I'm Annieliese, I'll be back later. I just got here and already they're pestering me with all this paper work.

Castiel: Yeah, I know what you mean. Good luck with that idiot president.
You: Have a problem with him?
     : (Say nothing else and leave)

Castiel: Yeah, I've never seen anyone so uptight in my life.
You: I don't agree, he seems like a good person
     : Yeah, I think you're right there.

And then he ends the conversation, saying 'You'd better go and get it done. Otherwise they'll never leave you alone.' with a smug smirk. What? You expect us to swoon? Jeez...

The next conversation is about his shirt (because the last two times I saw him, he was being a huge ass...)

(Answer with: That shirt reminds me of something)

Castiel: Oh yeah, and what does it remind you of? Something you saw in one of your cartoons or something?
You: Get out of here, that's a popular goth brand (try this and die of embarrassment...)
     : Get out of here, that's a rock band 
     : Get out here, that's from a popular online game (try this and die of embarrassment as well because it isn't that! Apparently, anyway...)

Castiel: Oh, so the new student knows the band Winged Skull?
You: Yeah, I like rock sometimes.
     : Yeah! Rock out baby, I love rock (I actually don't know what happens if you click this but I wouldn't risk it...)
     : I hate all of that...

He then ends the conversation by saying 'Cool, I don't know many girls who listen to them.' with this impressed look on his face. For some reason, I feel really smug about the fact that I actually impressed him...

Then, when you hand you documents in and everything, of course he comes in saying he has something cool he wants to show you. That is, if his affection is higher than everyone else's then yes, he should show up

(Castiel showed me several floors, he told me that where we were was off limits to students. If I understood correctly, he had stolen a key from the teachers' lounge. Right now we're in front of a door that he's opening with that very key.)

(Wow! We're on the roof! It's really nice here. I just hope we don't get into trouble.)

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