Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Candy Love: Intro


This is Natalie speaking! So, what do I have for today you ask?

Well, Candy Love of course! I don't know why but I'm suddenly addicted to this cute little game called My Candy Love! It's a very nice game with an Otome/Sim Date feel to it!

Now, why ever would I be talking about this very nice game? Well, there are two reasons: One, there are hot guys involved. Why wouldn't I talk about it? And the second reason is... Well...

It's FREE!

You heard me right, friends! It's free! Though you do have to pay for additional Action Points ( points that allow you to do certain things. Think HP ) and dollars ( used to make game transactions such as buying cheek outfits! )

But that's okay! You earn more Action Points and Dollars every day you log on! Isn't that neat?

The game is divided into Episodes and, so far, I've heard there are eighteen. At the end of the Episodes, you get an image ( think CG ) of the character you earned more affection from! As you know, affection can be gained by having the right reactions to the things they say!


As you know, I just started so I'm going to give you guys the summary of my first episode! I am, dorkily, going for Kentin. He's a sweetheart, I've heard, and I was never really a judgemental person especially based off of characters. I heard he does leave after Episode three so I plan on going after someone else when he does...

Tell me, anyone who reads this, does he come back afterwards? 

Anyway! Look forward to the post about my first episode and ways to get the guys you want!

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